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DJ NotNice is showing off her skills and creativity in every way possible! DJing was a hobby just like many other things she’s took interest in, but now it’s a lifestyle. Born and raised in NYC, NotNice has always had a deep interest in music and all of its components. 


2016 was the official spark of her professional career. She’s a DJ, Music Producer, Videographer, Event Curator and still leaning into more creative crafts while improving every chance she gets.


DJ NotNice is creating memorable and lively times at every event — From clubs, brand events, radio, concerts, weddings, private events +more! She’s also leaving her mark through every thing she creates and shares — Mixes + Content.


The All Inclusive is a brand that is an umbrella for all of NotNice's creative endeavors -

Music, events, clothing, videography


Music is a mission not a competition!

Notable Experience

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